June 30, 2017

Graham brilliantly led us on a stunning walk on Sunday morning.

Firstly we set off to go up towards the quarry. We found it quite hard

to see the birds in the dense foliage, however, we witnessed

incredible singing with competitions between the blackcap and garden

warbler, chiff chaff, wren, blackbird and song thrush.  Later we had

excellent views of a garden warbler in a group of silver birches and a

goldcrest flitting across the path from pine to pine. Although we

shouldn't forget the young toad, sitting in the middle of the path in

the wet grass, stolidly refusing to move away from our trampling feet

and any passing heron.

Down by the small lake the house martins with their firstborn gave us

a wonderfully acrobatic, aerial display. Feeding parents flew back and

forth to nests in their specially built wall. A pied wagtail

diligently fed its two young on the lake bank with mallard mothers'

proudly showing off their young before leading them into the shade of

overhanging willow.

It was two and a half...

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