First Loveridge Family Walk of 2017 - Coombe Abbey

The onset of the glorious spring sunshine on the first Sunday of April prompted my Wife, Son and I to go for our first family walk of the year.

This first walk was a later start than last year, but this was necessitated by our young Son who is harder to protect from the elements.

The venue for our walk was local favourite Coombe Abbey and Grounds situated just down the road a stones throw from Brandon Marsh.

Whilst this is a typically busy venue, early risers will find that the crowds do not appear until around midday.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk, plenty of species to be seen including a breeding pair of Egyptian Geese. The hide was good for a few fishing birds including Egrets, Cormorants and the odd Heron. Due to its proximity I would recommend this venue for a stroll and stop of around 2-4 hours.

This site does charge for parking, 1-2 hours is £2.00 and 2-4 hours is £3.80.

Anyone else who would like to write pieces, please contact me and let me know.

See you all soon!

Lee Loveridge.

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