Thornton Reservoir Birthday Treat

As a birthday treat for my friend and her husband we took them for a walk around Thornton Reservoir as they had never been before; we set out walking around half past 12, as we were taking them for lunch (included in the treat).

It was extremely windy and the water was very choppy. There were a lot of families and dogs but the walking is easy.

It didn't appear very promising at first, we had parked in the Reservoir Inn (lunch venue) and taken the path through the church yard. We walked clockwise around the water and soon spotted about 15 tufted ducks, some Coots, a couple of Moorhens and then the little family of Mallards. There was a tree a bit further on with some little birds flying in and out but I'm not very good on bird song and my eyes were watering with the blowing wind so couldn't focus with the binoculars! Next I spotted what I think were two Little Grebes, can't confirm as my friend's husband had gone off with his decent camera. We were accompanied all the way round by a Robin. We then saw the Heron and as we walked on he flew overhead. Then my favourite water birds, two Great Crested Grebes. We didn't have time to walk all the way round so returned the way we had come. We walked up as far as the car park and that was where the Cormorant was spreading his wings. Guess who was waiting 'The Robin' I think he'd cheated though and flown across

We then walked to the restaurant for a well earned lunch.

A lovely location in the heart of Leicestershire.


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