Recording an Advert for Hive™

A while ago, earlier in the year, an advert popped up through my Facebook fed asking if anyone was interested in doing an advert for a company called Hive, a subsidiary of British Gas. They sell interactive smart products like light bulbs, thermostats, plugs and a few other items that link together with your smart phone and allows you to control your home from anywhere in the world, providing you have an internet connection.

I contacted them and received a reply asking me about myself and what my hobbies were, well I guess you can guess my hobby to be honest, but I think it was initially drawn them into contacting me further. After a few more rounds of questions they said they would like to come to my home and record me for the day both at home and whilst bird watching.

I chose my favourite location, Brandon Marsh, as you all know it’s close to home and a beautiful location.

All in all it was a twelve hour day, both at home and out at Brandon, but my family and I had a lot of fun.

Here are the two main adverts to come out of that day, I hope you like them as much as I do.

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