Cancelled Monday Meeting

Good Evening Everyone,

I'm sure will have realised that Monday 14th September's planned meeting at Sapcote Pavilion has had to be postponed due to the latest Government advice on meetings of more than 6 people. Thank you to the eleven people who signed up. One or two of you may be saying, 'I didn't know about that meeting!' Here I must apologise. I was in still in France when I didn't expect to be. I didn't have my membership list for the club and took a chance on my memory. Sorry if I missed you off the email list. For my sins I am now in quarantine in England and will be released on 21st September.

The first good news is that as soon as they increase the number of people who can meet in Sapcote we will. Secondly, we will start up our bird walk groups of 6 again probably on Sunday 20th. Another email will arrive early next week when I have details. There will be other bird walks set up for 6 people, more frequently than usual and at different times/days. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me.

Keep yourself and your family safe. We will meet again.

Madeleine x

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