First Walk 2021! - 18th April

Hi Everyone,

We’re hoping to do our first walk on Sunday 18th April. The route has not been finalised yet, but two members have suggested starting at 9am at Groby Pool on Newtown Linford Lane. From there we will go on depending what’s been seen elsewhere. Nev was saying that redstarts, ring ouzels and wheatears might be on the agenda.

We will have to walk in groups of 6 or less, socially distancing 2m and if you want to wear a mask please do, don’t be embarrassed. I know that some of us are still protecting vulnerable people in our bubbles, thus it’s important that we are considerate of the situation of others. It will be so wonderful when we can really get back to normal - wander in larger groups, chat quietly because you’re standing closer and share lifts.

Can you please let me know if you’re interested? I hope to see you all soon.

Best Wishes, Madeleine

Please contact me if you're interested

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